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[page_title]An Eclectic Indian Cuisine[/page_title]

             Passionate, renowned chef Sachin Lalit opened India Curry and Kebab House showcasing his refined dishes in an exceptional fine dining atmosphere. Enjoy the chic, modern, Indian-inspired ambiance in the historic ByWard Market district between bites of mouth-watering naan, signature curry dishes, and aromatic basmati rice. Accompany it with a handcrafted brew to perfection.

             India Curry and Kebab House is a fresh, high-energy dining environment set in the heart of the historical ByWard Market district; both the design and the menu combine high-end restaurant award-winning dishes with a modern take with elegant décor reflecting a passion for the Indian- heritage. In addition to the restaurant’s posh interior, this contemporary restaurant also includes a bar area and an intimate window into the kitchen’s tandoor ovens in action.

             The chef-designed eclectic menu covers a wide range of Indian- regions from Punjabi Indian fare such as Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) to Chef Sachin’s signature creations not available anywhere else like the Apple Seekh Kebab, Badami Jhinga (Almond Shrimp), as well as Calamari Manko – Calamari tossed with curry leaves and roasted coconut served with tomato chutney.

[page_title]Specialties at India Curry and Kebab House[/page_title]

  • Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) – A refined combination of spices combined with a sauce made with fresh tomatoes. Also available in Shrimp, Lobster Tail, Paneer (Fresh Cheese – Vegetarian), and Vegetables (Beans, Corn, Green peas, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli).

  • Badami Jhinga (Almond shrimp) – This original chef creation is a light appetizer of perfectly cooked shrimp coated in sliced almonds, served with Indian chutney.

  • Delhi ki Nali Nehari – Lamb shank slow-cooked with marrow and Delhi masala to fall off-the-bone perfection. This recipe is characterized by a refined use of spices from Delhi that make it a unique experience not easily found elsewhere.

  • Khatta Metha Baingan (Sweet and Sour Eggplant – Vegetarian) – A unique chef creation that combines flavors from various Asian regions. A perfect balance of sweetness derived from natural sugar cane (Jaggery) with the sourness of tamarind.

  • Amritsari Chole (Amritsari Style Chickpeas – Vegetarian) – Freshly prepared using a secretly guarded Indian recipe, discovered by Chef Sachin through his vast world experience.

[page_title]Chef’s Corner[/page_title]

             Sachin Lalit, a New York chef known for his award-winning recipes including contributions to restaurants such as the New York Michelin Star awarded Tamarind Tribeca that draws clientele including Hollywood royalty and Presidents, brings his special recipes to Ottawa.

             Chef Sachin’s passion for quality and fresh ingredients is exemplified in his use of freshly extracted pulp from real coconuts in his signature dish Konkani Coconut Curry and his insistence on using only fresh ingredients including fresh meat delivered twice a week with all recipes prepared daily. Everything from chicken, beef and lamb are tender slices of heaven, especially when marinated in fresh Indian spices and accompanied with signature curry sauces. Dig into his iconic Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken), or opt for a Delhi ki Nali Nehari – Lamb Shank slow cooked with marrow that is not available anywhere else. Try the original creation of Apple Seekh Kebab, a unique modern fusion of India’s best cooking techniques combined with Canada’s best ingredients. At this posh Ottawa restaurant, no detail is left untouched.

[page_title]In The Media[/page_title]

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[page_title]Vegetarian Friendly[/page_title]

              Virtually every item, whether a curry, kebab, or dessert, is available in a vegetarian option. Many vegan options are also available, and you can request any dish to suit any special dietary needs. Indian cuisine is rich in vegetarian dishes and there is a rich history of vegetarianism in India. Ancient Indian law (Manu Smriti) even recommended vegetarianism as a way of life stating “There is no sin in eating meat… but abstention brings great rewards.” This rich history produced a vast fare of vegetarian Indian dishes, the best of which are hand-picked and refined at Curry and Kebab House to suit all of your dietary needs.


ByWard Market Location – 39 Clarence Ave, Ottawa


We're currently closed.We're open again on Saturday (20 July 2024) from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM


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